The Art of CTV Targeting: Reaching Audiences Where It Matters

The digital landscape is laden with competition, and there are hundreds of brands vying for each consumer’s attention (and dollars). Old-school, blanket TV advertising campaigns simply won’t do. They are wasteful, ineffective, and inefficient.

However, you can’t completely ignore the TV advertising market, as it represents a viable catalyst for growing your business. So where’s the middle ground? The answer is CTV targeting.

The Basics of CTV Targeting

Connected TV (CTV) refers to television sets and other streaming devices that are connected to the internet. TVs with integrated streaming capabilities, TVs with external streaming devices, and tablets and smartphones can all be used to stream CTV.

CTV targeting is all about connecting with consumers who prefer to stream TV instead of enduring whatever reruns are playing on traditional television channels. You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t people streaming content to get away from ads?”

Not necessarily. Switching from cable to CTV is about two things: convenience and cost reduction. Consumers can stream shows and movies they like on-demand while also saving a bundle on entertainment.

In fact, about 73% of CTV viewers prefer to watch free content that supports ads versus paying for ad-free content. The bottom line is that there is a huge market of connected TV consumers you can target using real-time data. Through targeting, you can enjoy the efficiency and reach benefits of advertising while connecting with prospects via their television set.

Why CTV Targeting Works

Think about where your potential customers are most relaxed and receptive — they’re likely lounging on their couch, remote in hand, browsing through a myriad of streaming services.

They may be preparing for their next shift, enjoying well-deserved time off, or unwinding after a long day at work. Regardless, they are settled in and open to consuming any entertaining and informative ads that may pop up during their show.

With traditional TV, you had to cast a wide net and hope members of your target audience saw your ad. Now, you can know that you are targeting the right audiences by using granular insights to guide your marketing strategy. You can customize your audience by address, demographic data, behavior, and more.

Great Data: The Secret Sauce to CTV Targeting

Imagine you live in the heart of Florida and are planning a vacation to the mountains. If you type in something like “mountain vacation,” you’ll get bombarded with results that span multiple states. However, if you narrow your search down using specific details, such as “mountain cabins for rent in Gatlinburg,” you’re much more likely to find the info you are looking for.

The same basic concept applies to CTV targeting. The better and more detailed your data, the easier it’ll be to target the right audiences. When you have an extensive set of data, you can go beyond basic demographics and incorporate viewing habits, interests, and shopping patterns into your targeting strategy.

Imagine showcasing your latest product to an audience already interested in what you have to offer. That’s CTV targeting done right.

The Flexibility of CTV Campaigns

Flexibility is key in any marketing strategy, and CTV campaigns excel here. Unlike traditional media buys that lock you into long-term contracts, CTV advertising can be adjusted on the fly. It offers a similar level of controllability and customization as other digital marketing mediums, such as PPC and social media advertising.

Launching a seasonal product? Pivot your ads accordingly. A/B testing a new campaign angle? CTV targeting responds in real time, giving you the agility to optimize for the best outcomes.

Staying agile is vital in the current digital marketing landscape. Consumer preferences can change in the blink of an eye, and you need a business strategy that can match. CTV advertising provides the nimbleness you need to thrive, regardless of what challenges or opportunities come your way.

Integrating CTV Targeting Into Your Marketing Mix

Connected TV targeting is an incredibly powerful and versatile marketing channel. However, like most channels, it is most impactful when integrated into your marketing mix. You need a holistic strategy that uses complementary content to engage with consumers along multiple touchpoints.

That said, if you’ve already got a sound marketing foundation, adding CTV targeting to the mix can be a game-changer. You can deliver your brand’s message in an environment where consumers may be more attentive and receptive. The outcome is better reach, stronger engagement, and real results. It’s time to harness the art of CTV targeting to propel your business forward.

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